Manhole bases in accordance with DIN EN 1916, DIN 4034-1 Typ2 SU-M
Shaft bottom section
  • 1000 manhole: connections up to DN 600
  • 1200 manhole: connections up to DN 800
  • 1500 manhole: connections up to DN 1000

All types of pipe possible

In accordance with the factory standard there are the following versions
  • Additional side inflows and angular offsets with and without floor channels
  • Dimension change
  • Channel and entry with bricks
  • Channel with stoneware half-shell
  • Channel and entry with shell made of PP (polypropylene) or PRFG (polyester reinforced with fiber glass)
  • Upper inflows for internal and external drops
  • As well as the above mentioned heights the heights can be individually altered if required
  • Larger diameters on request
  • Climbing iron DIN 1212 E or stirrup B
  • HS concrete with increased sulphate attack
  • The manhole bases are manufactured with ball head anchors as an aid to positioning