Pre-fabricated panels with structurally functioning site concrete layer
Technical data
  • Length: maximum 7200 mm (continuous)
  • Width: maximum 2400 mm (continuous)
  • Height: 50 – 70 mm
  • Weight: circa 125 kg/m² ceiling area
  • For ceiling thickness of 14 - 40 cm
Semi-pre-fabricated concrete component panel ceiling

The semi-pre-fabricated concrete component panel ceiling is a two-dimensional ceiling element which is constructed as a structurally functioning site concrete layer. These ceilings are not only used in industrial construction but in residential construction too. The shearing protection between the panel elements and the site concrete takes place through pre-fabricated lattice girders which are cast into the concrete. Due to their slight thickness the ceilings do not weigh much and, as such, can be transported and assembled easily. Measurements and geometric forms can be freely selected within the scope of the parameters determined through production. The lower sides are made of fairfaced concrete which can be wallpapered. Semi-pre-fabricated concrete component panel covers are a high quality, sensitive ceiling system. So no technical difficulties arise when using please take note of the following details.

General details
  • Position of the elements in the layout (* please note)
  • Position number of the elements
  • Assembly support – maximum distance
  • Butt joint reinforcement among other things
Layout plan

A layout plan is created by us based on your construction plan. It contains all important information.

This layout plan is sent to you by us for checking. The plan is to be confirmed and sent back to us immediately. Only then does the ceiling go into construction.

  • Semi-pre-fabricated concrete component panel ceiling
  • Laying of semi-pre-fabricated concrete component panel ceilings
  • Layout plan of semi-pre-fabricated concrete component panel ceilings
  • Assembly support for semi-pre-fabricated concrete component panel ceilings
  • Mortar bed for semi-pre-fabricated concrete component panel ceilings
  • Butt reinforcement for semi-pre-fabricated concrete component panel ceilings
Information for laying
  • The assembly support is set up by those laying the panels. The exact position of the assembly support can be seen on the layout plan and must be adhered to.
  • The ceilings are generally constructed with a 4 cm padding. However, if the element is bearing on more than 4 cm then a mortar bed is needed.
  • When laying the ceiling elements a balance suspension device is to be used to avoid distortions of the ceiling elements. The distance from the suspension device to the edge of the ceiling panel should equate to roughly 1/5 of the overall length. The angle of spread should be smaller than 60.
  • Before concreting it is advantageous to mortar the joint. In addition the butt reinforcement is to be layed over the joints and the upper reinforcement (e.g. pillar reinforcement in the case of flowing ceilings and cantilever panels and outline reinforcement). The position of the upper reinforcement of the ceiling can be found in a separate reinforcement plan. The ceiling should be moistened before concreting.