Constructive pre-fabricated components
  • Certificate of compliance 36/11 for supporting pre-fabricated components made of concrete/reinforced concrete
  • Certificate of compliance 37/11 for pre-fabricated components made of concrete/reinforced concrete/prestressed concrete
  • Certification protocol 2013 for supporting pre-fabricated components made of reinforced concrete

The Professional Association of Pre-fabricated Concrete Constructions e.V., together with the specialist federal department for pre-fabricated constructions, has developed type programs for concrete component intersections. These programs are to be recommended.

Areas of application of the type categorized cross-sections

The long term layout plans of the varied forms which need to be prepared ensure the production rhythm of the manufacturing. The preparatory mold construction, the adaptation of linings, the preparation of reinforcements, the timely ordering and preparing of insert components, along with the availability of aggregates, tools and the sort all need to be planned in line with this. All information required for execution (e.g. approved reinforcement and lining plans from the test engineer with complete entries such as measurements, surface characteristics, insert components, installations, recesses and the sort) must be made available to the manufacturer in good time.

If special insert components, which may be specially produced or require a particular quality, are required, then necessary lead in times must be considered in advance. Even when producing and assembling pre-fabricated reinforced concrete components – as is usual in all technical areas – size tolerances are unavoidable. They can only be reduced in terms of their size. Function specific guidelines contain the respective norms. Here, DIN 18203 Part 1 applies for the individual pre-fabricated concrete component and DIN 18202 for the overall construction work.

Declaration of conformity 36/11 for supporting pre-fabricated components of concrete/reinforced concrete (PDF 660 KB)
Declaration of conformity 37/11 for pre-fabricated components of concrete/reinforced concrete/prestressed concrete (PDF 650 KB)
Certification protocol 2013 for supporting pre-fabricated components of reinforced concrete (PDF 400 KB)